Bioethanol stoves

The problem of environmental pollution makes us have to look for fuels that are less harmful to our heating. As the years go by bioethanol has become a quite famous fuel in homes. Therefore, it is difficult to choose which are the best bioethanol stoves, given the many models on the market.

To help you choosing a bio ethanol stove, in this section of our website to buy stoves we tell you what to look out for when installing one in your home.

Comparison of the best bioethanol stoves

Below is a table comparison with some of the best models of bioethanol stoves that you can buy right now.

The best PURLINE SIRIUS... PURLINE SIRIUS... 26 Reviews 57,95 €
Quality Price BRIAN & DANY Bio fireplace... BRIAN & DANY Bio fireplace... 295 Reviews 59,99 €
Our favourite Brian & Dany Biofireplace... Brian & Dany Biofireplace... No ratings yet 42,99 €
KLARSTEIN Phantasma... KLARSTEIN Phantasma... No ratings yet 129,99 €
5L Bioethanol 96% by... 5L Bioethanol 96% by... 27 Reviews 14,99 €
Design Twist Stones... Design Twist Stones... No ratings yet 379,00 €
26 Reviews
295 Reviews
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
27 Reviews
No ratings yet
57,95 €
59,99 €
42,99 €
129,99 €
14,99 €
379,00 €

The best bioethanol stoves

Here are some examples of bioethanol stoves.

Selection Home White

This model is very complete. It is designed for a living room or dining room. The fireplace measures 90x40x12cm integrated into a system of modules made of MDF and melamine finishes. Its matt white color and gloss lacquered on the fronts allows it to have a good cleaning and illuminate the environment well. This model can be integrated into the home without having to change the decorations.

The downside of this fireplace is that if you only need the fireplace for heating, the furniture it comes with may not be useful.

Tristar DF-6500

If you don't have a large space, this compact fireplace can be placed on a table as a decorative element. It has a fairly sophisticated design but without having too many ornaments. It has a stainless steel burner that makes it more resistant. As it works with bioethanol it does not produce any kind of smoke. It does not produce ashes either and its cleaning is quite easy.

Its measures are 35x18x14 cm, perfect to place on a table. In addition to serving as a heater, it can contribute to the decoration of the room.

Its disadvantage is that, although it has protective glass, the sides remain open. This means that during use, extreme caution must be taken.

Shoping Rafael Premium

In this type of stove is the traditional model but with the use of bioethanol as fuel. This design has a well finished white colour and a power of 3.5 kilowatts. This makes it a powerful heater. Its elegant design makes it suitable for decorating living and dining rooms. The inside of the fireplace has a fairly good height where the burner is in black with stones and grate. This is reminiscent of conventional fireplaces, but without the use of wood and smoke emissions.

This model is ideal for those people who do not want to give up traditional fireplaces but do want to give up wood, smoke and ashes. However, it has some cons. Due to its characteristics, its assembly is more complex than with other models. To avoid possible accidents during use, it is necessary to place them on the wall.

Bio Fireplace Plus White

This fireplace is for those who love the classic. This fireplace is similar to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, but with the advantage that they do not produce smoke or ashes. It is necessary to be placed on the wall, but without placing a smoke outlet channel. It is considered the best fireplace in terms of quality and price.

Its materials are of high quality. It is made of stainless steel with a powder coating. The combustion chamber is made of black varnished iron to provide greater resistance. Its measures are 40 x 110 x 15 cm, which we must take into account to check the space we have in the house.

The downside that can be added is its consumption. Because of its six burners and its large capacity of three liters of bioethanol, its consumption may be somewhat high, especially if we use all the burners at the same time.

How to choose a bio ethanol stove

Bioethanol stoves

When you want to buy a bioethanol stove you have to look at several parameters that will determine the quality of the product. The first one is consumption. The general objective of the purchase is to have heating in an economical way but without losing quality. The cost of the stove or fireplace is something important to take into account. The consumption of bioethanol depends on the size of the stove, the number of burners and the flame opening.

Another parameter that we must take into account is the power. The more power the fireplace has, the more consumption the appliance will have. It is best to have a good balance between power and consumption.

Finally, an important fact is the size. The larger the product in question, the more it will consume. This makes us move away from this relationship between power and consumption. Therefore, you should choose a stove that fits the size of the room you want to heat.

Do bioethanol stoves heat?

Bio ethanol stove heating the living room

Bioethanol fireplaces provide a type of convection heat. This is not only able to heat the room in which we are, but can also be adjusted to other rooms. It is not usually used as the main heating.

They are designed to be placed in the rooms where we spend the most time. Depending on their power and size they will heat more or less. A usual power in bio fireplaces is 2 KW. With this power we can heat a room of approximately 20 square metres. In this way, depending on the size of our room we can know what power to buy.

Advantages and disadvantages

The use of these devices has its advantages and disadvantages.

These are your advantages:

  • They are environmentally friendly and easy to install.
  • No exhaust fans or ventilation pipes are required.
  • They reach their heat level quickly.
  • They bring extra design to the home.
  • They are secure and easy to deactivate.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • They are low maintenance.

Among its disadvantages we find:

  • Bioethanol is somewhat more expensive.
  • Although it does not give off smoke or ashes, it does give off a noticeable odour.
  • The ability to heat is more limited. An adequate oxygen level is necessary to avoid high CO2 concentrations.
  • The minimum distance you should have on the furniture is one meter.

Are bioethanol stoves safe?

With the subject of fires and heaters there is always the question of whether they are safe. Bio ethanol stoves are quite safeThe deactivation is very simple. In addition, many models have some flame guards that help us not to get burned accidentally.

Its level of danger is much lower than the traditional ones. wood stovesThere are no sparks or burning logs. For our bio ethanol stove to be completely safe, we must respect the safety distance of one meter.

Where to buy bioethanol

Bioethanol should be replenished as it is consumed. There are different types and brands of bioethanol. The higher quality it has, the more heating capacity it will have, as well as releasing less odour.

This 5-litre bioethanol carafe generates little odour and has a high heating capacity.

You can also buy it in one litre volume if you need to transport it.

How long does a litre of bioethanol last?

Bioethanol consumption depends entirely on the power of the fireplace and the ignition time.. Each chimney has a certain tank capacity. Depending on what it can hold, the combustion will last more or less.

One of the factors to take into account when consuming bioethanol is the intensity of the flame and the exit hole. In general, it is usually burned between 0.20 and 0.60 litres of bioethanol per hour. It can be said that this is the standard consumption, so with one litre of fuel we could have the flame at intermediate intensity between 2 and 5 hours.

With this information you will be able to choose which bioethanol stove you need for your home, start enjoying the advantages of this type of stove and don't get cold!

If you've come this far, it's because you're still not sure how much you want to spend. How much do you want to spend?


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