Black Friday

Looking for Black Friday deals on thermostats, radiators, and other items to heat your home? Here is a selection of the best offers before the big day arrives so you can start saving now:

Smart thermostats on sale on Black Friday

Brands of WiFi thermostats that lower their price on Black Friday:

During Black Friday this year you will find bargains on smart thermostats in the best brands, As:


It is one of the European leaders in smart home and air conditioning. This company was founded in Munich, Germany, in 2011, and since then it has not stopped growing in prestige for its quality products, comfort, energy savings and advanced technology. One of the best choices if you are looking for a good appliance for the home with which to always maintain the right temperature.


The French company is also another of the industry's most acclaimed smart home device makers. This company was also founded in 2011, and its products include everything from weather sensors, security cameras, smoke detectors, to smart thermostats. All oriented towards a much more comfortable life and efficient energy consumption.


This American multinational is also an old acquaintance in the technology sector. It is dedicated to a wide range of consumer products and also for the intelligence and military sectors. It is one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers and has now also made the leap to the smart home with its own smart devices and thermostats.


The American giant Google has also created its own brand of smart thermostats. A simple to use thermostat, with a minimalist appearance, and with great capacities to control the temperature efficiently. In addition, you can manage it very easily and comfortably from your mobile devices or PC, as well as through voice commands in the models that support control by Google Assistant.

Other heating products on sale for Black Friday

What is Black Friday

Black Friday, translated as “black Friday” into Spanish, is an event or day in which we can find all kinds of discounted products in practically any trade. He was born in the United States, and is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. His intention is to encourage us to consume, specifically to make the first Christmas purchases. For this reason, it is said that Black Friday kicks off the Christmas period, more specifically the time in which we will make your purchases.

So the important thing is to know that Black Friday is a day of sales, one in which discounts can be very significant. And as for which stores join the party, nowadays it is strange that some do not, especially if it is minimally important. Stores like Amazon, El Corte Ingles or even the Apple Store are some examples.

When is celebrated on Black Friday 2022

thermostats black friday deals

As we just mentioned, Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, which falls on Thursday. More specifically, it is the last Thursday in November, so Black Friday is celebrated on the last Friday of the same month. In 2022, that day coincides with Friday November 25th.

But personally I would like to comment something about it. Yes, there is talk of a Friday only, but some shops may extend the offer, which means it's a good idea to look before and after 26/11. In fact, and although this article is not about that, the following Monday is Cyber ​​Monday, so there are businesses that make a bridge and offer the offers throughout the weekend. The theory says that on Cyber ​​Monday we only find deals on electronics items, but that said, it is best to check the prices of any business during November 18 and 28, 2022.

Why is it a good opportunity to buy a radiator or a stove on Black Friday

Energy efficiency of an oil cooler

Well, if the question is why it is a good opportunity to buy on a sale day, the answer is simple: we are going to pay less. The percentage of discount will depend on the brand and the business that offers it, but if it is such a popular day it is because the discounts are usually important. In fact, discounts like this will only be found on similar days, such as days without VAT, Cyber ​​Monday or Amazon Prime Day, although the latter is only offered by the famous online store.

It also seems important to mention that Black Friday it's not a normal sales day like those of fashion items. In the clothing sales we usually find what they have not been able to sell during the season, so, in the best of cases, we will be buying a garment that is no longer the most current. This is not the case on Black Friday, a day when the only change we will see will be the reduced price. Everything else, starting with the articles and ending with their guarantees, will be the same as for the rest of the year.

Having explained the above, we would also have to talk about so much for a hundred off, but this is anyone's guess. Taking a look back in time, I can confirm that there are products in which the discount can be a single euro of 20, for example, but in other cases the discounts are outrageous, so much so that I have come to see discounts of 60 % in stores like Amazon. It is true that it has not been in the best product of the best brand, but paying less than half the RRP is what I would call a good business.

Why is it worth buying a smart thermostat on Black Friday?

black friday heating

Smart thermostats bring a new dimension to the management of the air conditioning in your home, with the possibility of integration with virtual assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant to control the temperature with voice commands. They will always offer you the current temperature of the room in an accurate way, and you will be able to keep a detailed record of the energy and the statistics in the mobile apps.

Controlling the temperature also means saving a lot of money on the electricity bill, being more energy efficient always adjusting the temperature to the current conditions of each moment and to the appropriate times. A way to use energy in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Un control your home heating wherever you are, thanks to the Internet connectivity of these devices, so that when you get home it is at the temperature you want. And all with a very simple installation.

But obviously these smart thermostats can be expensive, priced at $ 100 or more on some models. However, with Black Friday you will find them with really important sales, to get one at a bargain price.

What products to warm up in winter you can buy on Black Friday

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are used to regulate the temperature And, in addition, it does so with smart functions. The most widespread among this type of thermostats is that they can be programmed, which will make them only start when we indicate it and consume less energy. On the other hand, that they are intelligent also usually means that we can control them remotely, for which we can make use of the internet, if it offers that possibility, or from a smartphone such as an iPhone or a smartphone with Android operating system. In all likelihood, merchants will be offering plenty of smart thermostats on Black Friday.

Electric radiators

Personally, I think they are not the most glamorous heating devices, but they do the job perfectly. Electronic radiators have a design very similar to those that work with hot water, but these they work with electricity and we can connect them to any outlet. Considering that they are not flashy gadgets, they are not as popular as others, which may mean that the discount we find during Black Friday is greater than we expected.

Greenhouses and shadehouses

I, who am not that old, I think I remember that I have only seen one real brazier in my entire life, and it was not at home. For the people of my generation, the classic heater of a lifetime is a stove, although they are available in many models or variants. One of those that we can find is something with the same design as the brazier, but with an electrical resistance that is what heats the tables underneath. On the other hand, there are also others that work with butane gas and others with an intelligent component, which means that we can program and control them remotely, although it is true that this type of stove is not very widespread. Taking into account that winter is approaching, we will surely find many discounted stoves during the next Black Friday.


Personally, I only remember having two heaters in my life, both of the same model. And having tried them, I think they are a good option if we are looking for something to heating the environment without making a large outlay, but you have to know how to use them. I say this for a reason: heaters use hot air to increase the temperature of the rooms, but the same air that warms us can cool us if we do not use it at the right angle.

In any case, if we make good use of them we will be able to heat ourselves in an economical way, and everything will be cheaper if we buy the heater on a day like Black Friday.

Where to buy a cheaper WiFi thermostat during Black Friday

To get the best WiFi thermostat with amazing deals, the best places are:

  • Amazon- The American-based online sales giant has the largest selection of smart thermostat brands and models. During Black Friday, offers will be launched on these devices, so that you can buy them much cheaper. And all with the maximum guarantees, purchase security, and speed of this platform. And if you are a Prime customer, shipping costs are free and deliveries will occur faster.
  • Carrefour: the gala chain of stores also has some brands and models of WiFi thermostats. During Black Friday you will have succulent discount percentages on these devices for the Smart Home. And you can find them both at any of their points of sale and on their website, so they can send it to your home.
  • PC Components: the Murcian online distribution chain dedicated to technology has all kinds of products, also appliances and smart home devices such as thermostats. You can find a good variety of brands and models of the best, with discounts for Black Friday.
  • El Corte Ingles: choose between having it sent to your home through online purchase and in-person purchase at any of the closest points of sale. You've got some of the hottest and best smart thermostats with great deals today.
  • Media Markt: Another alternative is to buy your thermostat from the German technology chain. All its stores in Spain, as well as its sales website, will have these devices discounted so that you can get one.