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Finding a way to heat your home and make it as cheap as possible can be quite an odyssey. There are people who change the options of their electricity rate, others opt for double-glazed windows and others who review the efficiency of their heating. There are different types of heaters and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric stoves, gas stoves, thermal emitters, radiators etc. One of the best options to heat your home more efficiently is the oil radiator.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics that an oil radiator must have to be efficient and which are the best on the market.

The best oil radiators

Jata 9 Element Oil Radiator

It is a radiator model that has a variable power depending on the room that we are going to heat. Keep in mind that 1W of power is needed to heat 80 square meter of room. There are 3 power levels in this model: up to 2000W. All from an easy rotary selector with 4 positions (one for off).

This radiator has an instant heat system that helps heat up the space quickly. In addition, it has a safety system against overheating to ensure greater stability of the device. It also has automatic roll-over protection and is easy to transport thanks to its multi-directional wheel design.

Not only will it be a cheaper action but you help protect the environment since complies with current environmental protection regulations.

Cecotec Ready Warm Oil Radiator

This oil cooler has 7 modules that have a power of 1500W. It helps to be able to place it on any side of the house, since it brings a system to be able to wind and store the cable. It has an adjustable thermostat system to adjust the amount of heat that is needed. It has the function eco, medium and maximum operating at powers of 600, 900, 1500W, respectively.

To facilitate the transport of the radiator to any room it has an ergonomic handle and multidirectional wheels. It is capable of heating 18-square-meter rooms efficiently.

Orbegozo RN 2500

This model is quite simple but it is still very efficient. It has 11 elements of 2500W of power. This power can be adjusted in 3 different levels, depending on the need of each moment.

These levels work at powers of 1000, 1500, 2500W, respectively. These levels can be regulated thanks to the incorporation of a thermostat. To be able to transport it from one room to another it has 4 multidirectional wheels.

Jata 11 Element Oil Radiator

If your house is one of those that are very cold and costs a lot to heat in winter, this is your oil radiator. It has 11 elements that are divided into 3 power levels. Thanks to the adjustable thermostat we can use powers of up to 2500W, respectively. As you can see, the higher power can heat the rooms quickly and effectively.

It has the instant heat system that helps to heat the space in an accelerated way. It also has a system to prevent overheating and ensure greater safety. It has automatic roll-over protection and is easy to transport from one room to another thanks to its multi-directional wheels.

Orbegozo Oil Radiator 9 Elements

This model adapts depending on the needs of each one. It has 3 power levels that work at 1000, 1500 and 2000W, respectively. It has a double U tube system for greater acceleration in room heating. This makes it more energy efficient and helps us save on the electricity bill. It is capable of heating a room of up to 25 square meters quickly.

It has a safety protection system for overheating. Its design makes it turn off automatically if it is tilted more than 45 degrees to avoid possible accidents. It has 4 multidirectional wheels and the cable can be collected with a hole designed for it.

How does it work

Energy efficiency of an oil cooler

When we talk about an oil radiator, it comes to mind that you have to use liters and liters of oil. This is not like this. Currently the efficiency of oil radiators is very high. As with electric radiators and electric convectors, it has an internal resistance. The difference of one with the other is that instead of connecting it to the electric current it heats up thanks to an oil that is inside.

You do not have to add the oil, it already comes from the factory. It is a special oil that does not burn and is slightly more dense than normal oil. You don't have to change it every time or anything like that. You just have to connect it to the electricity, regulate the temperature and wait for the room to heat up.

How to choose an oil cooler

When choosing an oil radiator we must take into account some important variables. We are going to analyze each of them:

  • Power: The power of the oil radiator will be determined depending on the size of the room that we need to heat. To heat 1 square meter of surface, approximately 80W of power is needed. We just have to know the measurements of our room and buy an oil radiator that has an equal or higher power to be able to heat the room quickly and efficiently.
  • Number of elements: the elements are the vertical bars that are responsible for heating. Those with more elements will be able to heat at a higher speed.
  • Thermostat: It is essential if we want to regulate the temperature to our needs.
  • Security system: If we want to guarantee safety in the use of oil radiators, we must buy those that have a safety system against overheating or overturning.
  • Energy efficiency: We mainly need an oil cooler that consumes little electricity during the time it is working. We must adjust the power to the surface we want to heat and buy the radiator that best suits our needs.

Advantages of an oil radiator compared to a low consumption electric radiator

oil radiator in room

One of the main advantages that oil radiator has in front energy efficient electric radiator is energy efficiency. And it is that when we disconnect the low consumption electric radiator it stops emitting heat. This is because the resistors are turned off and just as it heats at high speed, the heat is also lost with the same speed. The oil cooler continues to generate heat even after it is turned off.

Low consumption electric radiators are prepared to heat small rooms or to complement other heating systems. However, oil radiators do they are suitable for heating larger rooms. Oil radiators do not have any noise during use while low consumption electric ones do.

I hope that with this information you can choose between the oil radiators that best suit your needs.

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