Electric stoves

One of the most popular types of stoves are Electric stoves, which allow us to heat a room or any closed place in a very comfortable and simple way. What's more thanks to the electric heating, no gases or fumes of any kind are emitted, so they are not too dangerous for humans.

However, and despite the fact that the cost of an electric stove is not usually too high, we have the disadvantage of the always rising price of electricity. This means that using a stove of this type, even if it is a low consumption electric stove, can be really expensive compared to other available options.

Comparison of electric stoves

The best electric stoves

Now, we are going to show you some of the best electric stoves that we can currently find in the market;

Rowenta Comfort Aqua SO6510F2

Specially designed for bathrooms or areas where there is high humidity, this Rowenta stove can be our best bundle in winter, to allow us for example to heat the bathroom before taking a shower. With a power of 2.400 W we can even use it to heat large rooms without too much problem.

Its price is 54.99 euros, which makes this electric stove one of the best options that we can currently find on the market.

Comfort Mini Exel Eco

If what we are looking for is power for our stove or heater, we can decide on the Comfort mini. And it is that it offers us a power of up to 2.000 W, and can also use a second option in which the power remains at 1.000 W.

In addition, and in case all this seems little, it also incorporates a "Silence" mode that reduces the always annoying noise of this type of device.

Tristar KA - 5039

If we are looking for a small, cheap electric stove that does not lose an iota of power, one of the best options that we will be able to find is the Tristar KA - 5039. And it is that with a power up to 2.000 W We can buy it for just a handful of euros.

Rowenta Vetissimo II

Ceramic heaters are one of the most popular on the market and this one from Rowenta that uses electricity to convert it into heat is today one of the best sellers on Amazon. It offers us two power levels, the maximum being 2400 W.

Among its most interesting features is the “Antifrost” function that allows us to save energy of up to 50%, an electronic thermostat that regulates the temperature very precisely and a silence function so that we do not even have to find out that we have the stove on.

Orbegozo FHR 3050

If what we are looking for is above all power, without a doubt this stove Orbegozo FHR 3050 should be our choice, thanks to the 3.000 W peak power that offers.

Thanks to it we can heat large spaces in a very short time. In addition, its price is not at all crazy as it usually happens when the power of the device rises.

Low-consumption electric stoves are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the fact that, like other stoves, they allow us to heat a room or rooms, we also They allow us to save a few euros, some energy and also not pollute the environment, mainly due to the fact that they do not use gas or give off any type of smoke. Low consumption electric stoves

The great advantage of this type of electric stoves is without a doubt that they have a much lower consumption than any other type of stove, mainly thanks to the better use it makes of energy.

Cheap electric stoves

Electric stoves stand out to a great extent for their low price, and it is that currently we can find stoves of this type on the market for very few euros. Here are a few examples of cheap electric stoves;

Orbegozo BP 3200

Less than 25 euros will be what it costs us to have an electric stove that offers us a power of 1000W and that will allow us to heat up any small room in no time. It is one of the best-selling electric stoves on Amazon and it is that with this price you will surely not find a better quality / price in any other place and in any other device.

Orbegozo FH 5030

If you like to have style and class even to buy a cheap electric stove, this Orbegozo FH 5030 with a blue finish is perfect for you. In addition to its design, its specifications will not leave you unsatisfied and its price is about 30 euros today on Amazon, or what is the same, a real bargain.

Its power is located at 2500 W which will be more than enough to heat any room that is not too large or to give you warmth on a cold winter day.

Orbegozo BP 0303

This  Orbegozo BP 0303 It is a very simple electric stove, with the possibility of choosing the desired power up to 1200 W, which will allow us to heat small rooms quickly and without complications.

Its price is the most competitive and surely you will not find a better price than what Amazon offers us.

FM 2302-C 1200W

The classic design This electric stove has a very economical price and like the ones we have already reviewed, with a power that is not too high but that should be more than enough to heat a room, without its consumption skyrocketing.

Decorative electric stoves flame effect

Image of a flame effect electric stove

There are a huge number of types of electric stoves, among which more and more stand out those of flame effect. Placed in the main rooms of a house, they do a double function. On the one hand they are decorative, giving an elegant touch to the room and the house in general, and on the other they perform the functions of heating the room or house.

In most cases, they replace a traditional fireplace, with fake wood or charcoal logs, which are nothing more than a successful animation based on a lighting system. Inside we find an electrical resistance, which can be a maximum of 1000 to 2000 watts of power and that together with a fan allows us to distribute the heat throughout the room.

Picture of a nice electric stove

Also this type of stoves work perfectly separately, that is to say, on the one hand we can have the stove itself working, without having to use animation, something that is honestly very rare, or have the decorative call effect turned on, without having to have the heating turned on. For example, on a hot summer night we could have the decorative flame lit to sit in front of it and read, but without having the stove lit.

Types of electric stoves

Electric stoves

Next we are going to do a complete review of the different types of electric stoves that exist:

  • Quartz stoves; This type of stove is one of the most popular when it comes to heating small rooms such as the bathroom. Its size is rather small and its price and consumption are also quite low.
  • Halogen heaters; They are a type of electric stove, which also works by radiation through its halogen bars, which are nothing more than gas bulbs. Its main advantages include the safety they offer against friction or contact with the protective grid. In addition, they do not pollute, they do not consume the oxygen in the room and are ideal, like quartz stoves, to heat small rooms.
  • Turbo heater stoves; these types of stoves are not common in homes, but they are, for example, on the terraces of an increasing number of cafeterias. Most are electric, although we must say that some of them burn through butane gas.
  • Oil stoves (electric oil); This type of stove is one of the most common among the population. Also known as radiators, they work plugged into the electrical network, although they burn with oil that is inside.

Are electric stoves dangerous?

Electric stove with flame effect

Home security is something we want to have above all else. Therefore, after hearing so many news of fires in homes due to misunderstandings with heaters, we are in doubt. An electric stove works by heating a resistance and providing the heat we need. But you have to prevent certain situations so as not to create an unnecessary danger.

In the winter time fire alarms go off in homes because of heaters. 38,5% of known cases they originate with devices that produce heat. To avoid these situations we must:

  1. Check the stove periodically. The cord and plug also get hot often, it is important to check if it is in good condition. If it is a little burnt or black in color, it is better to change it. The stove must never be used if the protective mesh is broken or damaged.
  2. Do not cover the heater with rags nor have it active for too long. These appliances use a lot of energy and get too hot. It is important not to overload the power strips with many sockets and more if they are high power. It is also not recommended that it be tucked under the table.
  3. Keep the stove away from any flammable material. It is necessary to place it at a safe distance of one meter between curtains, sofas and armchairs.
  4. Being an electric stove you must have extreme care in the bathroom. You have to leave a safety meter between the stove and the area around the shower. Above all, never pick it up to move it from the shower or with wet hands.

Electric stoves in and of themselves are not dangerous, but it is important to have some clear aspects before using it to prevent possible dangers.

How do electric stoves work

Many have seen or have an electric stove in their homes. To keep your stove in good condition at all times and that it does not cause any danger, it is good to know how it works.

The operation of an electric stove is divided into:

Power input

The stove is connected to a socket and from there it gets electricity. He leads it through the wires until the resistance is turned on. The voltage that these stoves need is 240 volts, Unlike kitchen appliances, which require 120 volts.

An electrical advantage they have is that they use 8 amp plugs. This serves to protect the wiring, as there will be less electrical resistance and the cables can be kept cooler. The circuit breaker that electric stoves need is 40 amps.

Ignition of the resistors

The stove collects the energy sent by the cables from the socket and sends it to a central transformer. The energy travels the length and breadth of the resistors and warms them up. In this way, the stove is able to gradually increase the temperature of the air around it.

Component power

Contrary to what is usually thought, not all the energy used by the stove is to heat the resistances. Part of the energy it collects from the outlet is directed to the other components. For example, many stoves have heating zones, warning lights that show us what resistance is hot so we don't touch near it. In addition, they also have timers.

All of these components need electricity to function.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric stoves

Electric stove at home with parquet

Any appliance that we use at home is subject to some advantages and disadvantages. When we are going to use a stove, we always have the doubt about whether to choose electricity, gas or traditional wood stoves.

Let's see the advantages of electric stoves:

  • Good efficiency. In general, electric stoves are more efficient than gas or wood stoves, since they do not require a more expensive fuel and continuously. In short periods of time, they are considerably cheaper.
  • Another advantage of electric stoves is your control. It is easier to control the output of an electric stove than a gas or wood stove. Thus, depending on the need, we can use more or less temperature.
  • Electric stoves are generally cheaper than the rest.
  • If the above-mentioned precautions are observed, not relying on flames or gas, sare the safest.
  • Cleaning this type of stove is much more comfortable than one of gas or firewood.
  • They heat up by radiation, so they do not pollute or consume oxygen of the room.
  • It is ideal for quickly heating smaller spaces.
  • They are very easy to handle and smaller in size, if desired.

On the other hand, it also has its disadvantages:

  • The increase in the electricity bill it becomes noticeable when the electric stove has been used on a daily basis.
  • As the resistors get so hot may cause a fire, if it is located near flammable objects.
  • You have to watch that children stay away too much or touch the resistors.
  • It is easier for a resistance to break and have to be changed.

With this information you will be able to learn more about electric stoves to get the best out of them and always be sure when using them.

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