Pellet and biomass stoves

The stoves They are becoming more and more popular, especially those made from pellets due to their economic price in the market, because of how cheap pellets can be purchased and also partly because of the successful designs that in some cases can give a different and elegant touch to ourhouses. If you are interested in knowing in depth what are the pellet stoves, what types are there and how do they work keep reading.

Perhaps you can think that stoves are devices of the past, but far from it, and today they are pellet stoves They are the most popular, being also much cheaper than other types of stoves and heating.

Comparison of pellet stoves

First of all, we are going to start by reviewing several cheap pellet stoves that can become not only the ideal way to heat your home, but also an ideal complement to decorate your home.

Model Features Price range
Image of the pellet stove Evacalor PELLAS stove Rita 9 kW


-Power: 9KW
-Dimensions: 91,2 × 43,4 × 50,6 cm
-Extras: remote control and base protection

950,00 €View deal

Note: 8 / 10

Nemaxx P6

Eider Biomass

-Power: 15KW
-Dimensions: 70x60x50 cm
-Extras: overheating protection

1.995,00 €View deal

Note: 10 / 10

nemaxx P9


-Power: 9KW
-Dimensions: 50x47x81 cm
-Extras: overheating protection

1.944,50 €View deal

Note: 9 / 10

Haverland EPE-02A

Style White

-Power: 14KW
-Dimensions: 57x57x115 cm
-Extras: double door, programmable, with remote control

View deal

Note: 8 / 10

Pellet stove Ferroli lira

Ferroli Lira

-Power: 6,58KW
-Dimensions: 93,6 x 44 x 50,5 cm
-Extras: digital panel, remote control

1.184,27 €View deal

Note: 9 / 10

Cheap Pellet Stoves

Today in the market we can find a huge amount of pellet stoves, some of them very cheap And that we show you next, with the advantage that you can also buy them through Amazon with what that means.

Stovia stove 9 kW

It is difficult to acquire a pellet stove at an affordable price, but without a doubt this model meets this requirement, also offering us some very interesting specifications. And it is that it has a fantastic energy efficiency.

It also has an original and modern style thanks to the metallic wave-shaped cladding that will allow us to place it anywhere without attracting attention, giving a characteristic touch to our room.

Eider Biomass

With a much less careful design than other stoves, this model offers us other things in return, among which we should undoubtedly highlight its heating capacity for large areas. Its price is an economic price for what it offers, which we will be able to amortize in a few months and to which we must add the pellets that we consume in our day to day.


If we are looking for a stove that allows us to control the temperature and many other things at all times, a good option may be this model and its control center located at the top of the device. Its price may seem somewhat high, but in a short time it will seem very economical since the amortization and service are excellent.

With an approximate price of a thousand euros and a power of 9KW.

Style White

One of the cheapest stoves that we can find on the market is this Style Fuego, which currently has a price of about 1000 euros. In return, it offers us more than outstanding power and more than remarkable energy efficiency to heat large rooms, from 70 square meters to 115 square meters, making it perfect for heating an entire floor.

As additional extras, note that thanks to its digital screen we can program it to work at the times or at the temperature that we want.

Ferroli LIRA 6,58kW stove

Without a doubt we are facing one of the best pellet stoves on the market, which has a careful design, which will allow us to place it anywhere in our home or business without clashing at any time. In addition, one of its strengths is the very high performance that it offers us and that numerically rises up to 92,2%.

Among the most negative aspects we find its price, although not everything could be good news. Of course, if you want our opinion, this investment may be one of the best you have seen in your entire life.

Is a pellet and biomass stove the same?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when choosing a type of stove. Biomass stoves are those that use fuel derived from forest residues such as branches, pruning debris, grasses and old logs.

Pellets are a type of natural product classified as solid biomass. It is made from dry natural sawdust, without additives. It involves compressing the sawdust thanks to the lignin itself that the binder sawdust has and with the application of high pressure the pellet is formed. It has a cylindrical shape and they are very small in size.

Therefore, it could be said that pellet stoves are a type of biomass stoves, since they are natural elements that are used as fuel to generate heat.

With this information you will be able to know something more about pellet stoves and know which one to choose.

What is the pellet?

Image of a handful of pellets

Pellets are a natural product, cataloged as solid biomass and made up of very small cylinders, only a few millimeters in diameter.

They are made from dry natural sawdust, without adding any additives, since its own lignin is used to work perfectly as a binder. This serves to compress the sawdust to a very high pressure and thus form the pellet, which makes the pellets have a dense and hard composition despite their small size.

Another of its great features is great calorific value which together with its price of approximately € 0,05 per kWh They make them one of the ideal and cheapest ways to keep our home at a good temperature.

Buy pellets

When it comes to buying pellets, we can do it in many places, especially those large areas dedicated to construction or decoration, but also in some large supermarkets.

The most normal forms in which they are usually distributed are the following:

  • Bags. Weighing 15 kilograms, we can buy bags of pellets in a large number of places at a fairly inexpensive price. They are ideal for users with a small consumption and are also very manageable for anyone. As for the price, approximately a bag of 15 kilograms has a price of 3.70 euros.
  • BigBags. If you cannot supply yourself with tanker trucks, this is a more than interesting option, and that is that a bigbag can hold approximately 1.000 kilograms of pellets. Furthermore, this option is always cheaper than buying the pellets by bags.
  • Tanker truck. Finally we find the most comfortable and economical way to buy pellets if we are large consumers. The only drawback of these trucks is that they deposit the pellets directly into the tank automatically is that we must have a fully accessible deposit, both for the hose that transports the pellets and for the tank truck.

Types of pellet stoves

Next we are going to do a review of the types of pellet stoves that we can find in the market and what greater popularity they have;

Air heaters

Air stoves are the ones that we find most frequently on the market. This type of stoves are mainly used to heat the air in the room in which it is located, without being able to seek to generally heat a house due to its reduced power and above all within reach. The great advantage is that they distribute the heat evenly throughout the room.

Duct stoves

Image of a ductile pellet stove

These types of stoves are very similar to air stoves, although with the great advantage that they channel the air through various rooms or rooms through different tubes that do the functions of heat outlets. The great advantage of this type of stove is that they can be used perfectly to heat a whole house or large rooms that need to have several heat outlets.

The ductile pellet stoves have a great advantage over other types of stoves since has one or two additional air vents. Any pellet stove has a hot air outlet on the front, which is usually more than enough, but if, for example, the room that we want to heat is very large, we can always use a ducted stove. It can also be possible that we want to heat more than one room simultaneously so that we can distribute the hot air through air distribution tubes.

Of course, a pellet stove will be complicated that can replace a traditional heating system and the stove will continue to be the main heat producing account, so the hot air will not reach other rooms in optimal conditions.

Thermo stoves

Finally we find the thermo-stoves, which are one of the most popular stoves, since They are used to heat an entire home by means of a system of water radiators. Thanks to an internal water circuit, which the stove heats up, we can have everything heated in a simple way and in most cases economically. One of the many advantages that these types of stoves have is that in addition to heat they also generate hot water for daily consumption.

Many consider pellet hydro stoves or thermo stoves as the intermediate point between a stove and a boiler. At first glance, everything leads us to think that we are dealing with a pellet stove, but in addition to emitting heat by radiation and convention, it has an exchanger inside that allows it to heat water with which we can distribute that hot water to the radiators that are They are distributed throughout the whole thing. It is also possible to distribute this hot water to other types of devices that do not have to be radiators.

These types of stoves are the most useful and interesting, although They have the problem that they are much more expensive and complicated to handle than any other stove. And is that having a water circuit we will need an expansion vessel, a safety valve, stopcocks and almost certainly a circulation pump, in addition to the water distribution network throughout the whole thing, which undoubtedly it complicates things very much.

How pellet stoves work

Pellet stoves, despite what it may seem, they have a very simple operation. And it is that the stove has a tank where the pellets are stored, which through a screw are transferred to the combustion chamber where the pellets are burned emitting energy and also fumes, which are channeled to an external outlet that is usually located usually at the back of the stove, and which must have an outlet to the outside.

When talking about a pellet stove, which many associate with traditional wood stoves, we must bear in mind that eThese stoves are ventilated or what is the same as by means of a fan they take air from the room where they are, heating it and later returning it to the room.

Once this data is known, we must differentiate between two phenomena of heat transfer, through the convection of the fan that drives the hot air and radiation due to the call that occurs with the combustion of the pellets.

The only drawback of this type of stove is that from time to time you must remove the ashes from the so-called ashtray, which is located under the grill. Of course, there are already different types of stoves that compress these ashes automatically, which will allow us to remove these without so much frequency and also in a simpler way.

Do pellet stoves need a smoke outlet?

Unfortunately one of the great drawbacks of pellet stoves is that In all cases they need a chimney to evacuate the fumes, which produce the combustion of pellets, which despite being very small, need to exit through some conduit. In addition, this fireplace must be placed following a series of conditions for safety and operational issues.

In the first place, the regulation (RITE) requires that all the fumes go out at all times above the roof of the building, thus eliminating the possibility of building a lateral smoke outlet, which could be very interesting in certain cases. This leads us to think that if we live in a community the placement of the pellet stove is greatly complicated since the chimney must be placed on the roof with which it is practically impossible to opt for this type of stoves.

If we have free way to place a chimney, it should be made of INOX steel and preferably insulated and double-walled, which will prevent condensation.

Maintenance of a pellet stove

Image of a pellet stove

One of the great advantages of pellet stoves is that they have very little maintenanceor, thanks in part to the fact that the pellet combustion is very clean, without leaving too much residue.

According to most cookstove manufacturers, just clean these once a year, unless we don't just use pellets as fuels. For example, many users put other types of materials on their stove, which leave more residues and which may make us need to clean the stove more frequently. In addition, many of these stoves are even equipped with counters, which mark the hours of use, and that indicate when we must carry out a deep cleaning. In most cases, cleaning our pellet stove once a year will suffice.

What if we will have to remove with some frequency are the pellet ashes, which even though it burns very well, does leave certain residues. To give you an idea, 15 kilograms of pellets generate only a few grams of ash.

In addition, you should pay special interest in the rubbers that make up the stoves, since they tend to wear out over time, although perhaps for this it is best that you resort to the technical service, before you launch yourself on the adventure, dangerous, change this type of pieces. For the rest, the pellet stoves do not have any wear parts, which is always appreciated.

Are pellet stoves safe?

One of the questions that all of us who are interested in buying a pellet stove ask ourselves is whether they are totally safe to install in our home or anywhere else. And is that this types of stoves use combustion to generate heat, so there is no doubt that there are dangers that can appear at any time.

However, pellet stoves, taking minimal care and taking some other precautions are totally safeThanks in part to the fact that the combustion takes place with pellets, a much safer material than others used in other stoves.

Image of a pellet stove

Among the positive aspects of pellet stoves, we find that pellets are much less flammable, compared to other materials such as gas or diesel, and they also hardly explode. Even with everything we must take some precautions so that this type of stoves are totally safe.

Avoid excessive heating of the stove, which may be due, for example, to a fan failure, which we must always monitor very closely. It can also happen that the stove burns more pellets than established, by mistake or failure, and that the fan does not supply. On some occasions the stove itself turns off, but on others it continues to function normally, to which we must be attentive to avoid a major problem.

In general and despite the fact that they have some risk, like all stoves, they are very safe and we should not have any problem to use it in our day to day, although we do try to keep it in good condition and carry out the appropriate revisions and cleanings in the established times.

How to install a pellet stove

Installation of a pellet stove

To install a pellet stove you must take into account four key elements:

  1. Choose the installation site well. The room should be sized appropriately for the power of the stove to obtain maximum performance.
  2. Take the outside air intake. It is important to have good ventilation to avoid fumes and possible poisoning.
  3. Fit the flue gas connector. It is the section of pipe that connects the flue with the stove. In this way, the vast majority of the smoke will be sent abroad.
  4. Proper location and type of hat. The hat is the part that culminates in the flue. In order for it to work properly, it has to meet some requirements such as its size (it must be twice the outlet section of the tube).

Pellet stove brands

Pellet Stove Buying Guide When you choose a pellet stove, you think about which brand will offer you the best performance and at the best price. Here we list four brands whose quality and price go hand in hand.


Bronpi is a national brand of biomass stoves manufactured in Spain. Their prices are quite cheap. The powers of the stoves they sell are around 6 to 15 kW with prices of just over 1.300 euros.

They do not usually have any incidence and are the best in terms of value for money.


Lacunza brand stoves are also manufactured in Spain. Pellet stoves are inexpensive, although the brand is more specialized in cast iron wood stoves.


This brand is well known and has great prestige. Its manufacture is carried out in Galicia and it is one of the first brands who took over the biomass stoves about 30 years ago. They are known worldwide for their new advances, which is why they have become the most demanded in the sector.

Edil fireplace

The manufacturers of these stoves are Italian. They are also a brand with great prestige and known worldwide. Cast iron pellet stoves have good recognition and great quality. They are very careful in the designs and details. In addition, their products have a reputation for being durable and robust.

They may be a little higher in price, but without a doubt, all their stoves are of the upper-middle range.

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