Cyber ​​Monday on WiFi thermostats

Although Black Friday is over, it's still a good opportunity to get deals on smart thermostats, radiators, stoves and more if you take advantage of these unique Cyber ​​Monday deals. Hurry, today is the last day with these prices:

Wi-Fi thermostats on sale on Cyber ​​Monday

Wi-Fi thermostat brands that lower their price on Cyber ​​Monday:

If you need to buy a cheap WiFi thermostat during Cyber ​​Monday, the best brands that will have a discount are:


This European manufacturer has become one of the most appreciated brands of smart thermostats. It has advanced devices, easy to use, of quality, and with the possibilities of saving and temperature management that you can expect from one of these devices. During Cyber ​​Monday you will find them even at ridiculous prices.


This other European manufacturer is also among the most prominent in the sector. The brand offers WiFi thermostats of the best quality, reliability, and with the latest technology for the smart home. So that they do not involve a large expense, during Cyber ​​Monday you will have them reduced with significant discounts.


Nor should you pass up the opportunity to buy these other thermostats from the North American manufacturer. One of the oldest and best-known firms in the world of technology and that has also focused on devices for home automation and the smart home. Its products offer quality, robustness and functionality.


Google created a line of home products that is made up of smart devices like its virtual assistant speakers, its router screens, as well as its Nest thermostats. They are very simple to use and install, as well as inexpensive. And many models support voice command control with the Google Assistant. A great step for the air conditioning of your home for much less on Cyber ​​Monday.

Heating products

With discount Mellerware - Issuer ...
With discount Orbegozo RRE 1310 Transmitter ...

What is Cyber ​​Monday

Translated into Spanish, Cyber ​​Monday would be something like “cyber Monday”. "Cyber" comes from "Cyborg", what the RAE defines as "being formed by living matter and electronic devices". It is for the last part that this Monday receives this name, but, now that we know that cyber Monday is related to electronic devices, what is it? Well, the brand or marketing name that they have put on a sale day or special event, but whose discounts, in theory, we will only find them in the electronics sections of the different shops.

If we look at the theory, as for the electronics items, Cyber ​​Monday should offer better discounts than the previous Friday, that is, Black Friday, but all in theory. Although we should only find "cyber articles" discounted, there are also businesses that take advantage of the occasion to discount other products, which will encourage us to buy and they will get more benefits.

When Cyber ​​Monday 2022 is celebrated

Cyber ​​Monday doesn't come alone. The day itself is only one day, but it is the Monday that comes after Black Friday, so we are facing two (or one, depending on how you look at it) sales events whose intention is to encourage us to make the first Christmas purchases. The first should be on Black Friday, which is the last Friday in November and the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, which is the Thursday before.

This leaves us that Cyber ​​Monday is the last Monday of November or the first of December, which in 2022 coincides with the November 28th. But here I would like to explain something: yes, Cyber ​​Monday is a day, or so the theory goes that it should be. But businesses use Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday to invite us to consume and it is possible that the event starts on Friday, continues on Saturday and Sunday and ends on Monday at the last minute. In this way, and although there would be two extra days, users would have more time to buy and businesses to get benefits. But this is only a possibility, not a general pattern.

Why is it a good opportunity to buy a radiator or a stove on Cyber ​​Monday

cyber monday wifi thermostats

Things are like this: it is good to buy on sales days because in all of them we will pay less. But the Cyber ​​Monday sales are (or should) exclusively for electronic products, which also means that they are greater than on other days like Black Friday. At least, so the theory says. So it is a good opportunity to buy a radiator or stove on Cyber ​​Monday because many of these devices are electronic and we are going to buy them on a sale day whose discounts are focused on these types of products.

With the above explained, we could talk about so much for a hundred discount, but these are anyone's guess until they are offered. Depending on the trade and the product, we can find some with ridiculous sales and others whose price has a 70% discount. We will not see many offers like this, but there have been cases, and paying less than half for a product is always a good deal.

It also seems important to mention that Cyber ​​Monday it's not a normal sales day. That is to say, the most popular sales are those of clothing, and in them we usually find everything that they have not managed to sell during the season. This means that, if we buy a coat, we may be buying one that is a bit old-fashioned, or we can even find garments that include a fault or balance, although this will be reflected in the discount. This will not happen during Cyber ​​Monday: the only thing that will be different is the price. The guarantees, after-sales service or even the shipments will be exactly the same as during the rest of the year. So yes, it is a good opportunity to buy electronic items during Cyber ​​Monday.

Why is a smart thermostat worth buying on Cyber ​​Monday?

La electricity and gas bill keeps growing. Everything seems to be getting worse and during the winter prices will skyrocket due to the use of heating. Given that, there is little that can be done, unless you decide to buy a smart thermostat with which to maintain a more detailed temperature control and be able to save a lot of money on your next bills.

Also, if these devices seemed expensive or out of your reach, during Cyber ​​Monday they will be at prices of laughter. Do not miss the opportunity to save on your purchase and save hundreds of euros on annual energy bills.

What products to warm up in winter you can buy on Cyber ​​Monday

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are devices that are selling more each winter that arrives. Its main and almost unique function is regulate the temperature, but if they call themselves intelligent it is for something. It is not that they will be able to hold a conversation with us, but we can, for example, program them to turn on only for a few hours or to raise or lower the temperature for others.

On the other hand, the intelligence we are talking about will also allow us control them remotely, which can be with an app from a mobile or tablet or even from a computer, as long as the brand offers this possibility. Considering that they gain popularity with each passing year, it is more than likely that we will find many offers of smart thermostats during the next Cyber ​​Monday.

Electric radiators

For those of you who went to school a couple of decades ago, I honestly don't know what they will be like now, electric radiators will remind you of those that were, and probably still are, in classrooms. Those and those of some houses work with a boiler, that is, with hot water, but the electric ones with they work the same electricity that starts up a TV or a computer. Although there are different sizes and designs, few are usually small, and the design is not usually the prettiest.

They are not the most popular space heating devices, and that can be good on a day like Cyber ​​Monday, since it is precisely the less popular brands and items that we can find a better price during these types of events.

Greenhouses and shadehouses

Stoves are one of the oldest heating appliances. Above are only the braziers, that is, small containers in which embers were put to, at least, heat the tables from below. Later, stoves began to appear, those that use a wire or glow tube that is heated to raise the temperature of what surrounds them.

Stoves of other types are also available, such as those that work with gas, but the latter will be more difficult to find during Cyber ​​Monday. The ones that we will see more of will be those that are related to electricity, including the rare ones that also have an intelligent component.


Heaters are slightly different space heaters. To do so, they use air currents, logically hot. This type of apparatus usually priced lower than many stoves or radiators, but they are also somewhat less accurate. When using air to heat, it can cool if we do not use the correct angle, but they do serve perfectly to heat rooms if they are not very large.

In any case, we are dealing with devices that serve to heat and do so at a low price, and lower than it will be if we buy them during Cyber ​​Monday.

Tips when choosing a WiFi thermostat on Cyber ​​Monday

For, purchase the correct WiFi thermostat During Cyber ​​Monday, and do not regret the purchase, you can consider the following:

  • First, think about what type of boiler and installation you have at home to know if the thermostat you are going to use is compatible. They generally are with a wide range of systems.
  • Once you know which ones are compatible, see where you want to install the thermostat to determine what type of connectivity would be recommended.
  • Now that you know all that, you will have been left with a list of possible models that you should keep in mind.
  • During Cyber ​​Monday, start comparing prices on the most famous online sales platforms and go for the offer that suits you best ...

Where to buy a cheaper WiFi thermostat during Cyber ​​Monday

If you don't know where you can buy a cheaper WiFi thermostat On Cyber ​​Monday, you can look at:

  • The Amazon- The platform has all the brands and models of WiFi thermostats you can imagine. In addition, it also has many other accessories for the Smart Home that you can purchase during this day to complement your purchase. They will launch flash offers during Cyber ​​Monday that you will have to watch out for to get them. And remember that if you are Prime, shipping is free ...
  • Carrefour: on the website of the Gala chain you also have some brands and models of the most popular WiFi thermostats. You will surely be able to find some offers during Cyber ​​Monday.
  • PC Components: this other Murcian distributor also has some smart thermostat models with discounts applied this Cyber ​​Monday. Ask for the one you want discounted and it will arrive home in a plis.
  • El Corte Ingles: the Spanish chain will also put many offers on technology devices through its website, among which will surely be thermostats. Order and they send it to your home.
  • Media Markt: Another alternative to the previous ones is the chain of technology stores of German origin. If they stand out for their slogan "I am not stupid" for their competitive prices, during Cyber ​​Monday they will also throw the prices on the ground on their website. Master opportunity to buy your thermostat.