Low consumption radiators

When the low winter temperatures arrive, heating sometimes becomes absolutely necessary. In order to save on electricity consumption and not give us surprises when the bills arrive, we can opt for the energy-saving electric radiators. These are heat generators that are designed to save as much energy as possible and reduce the price of bills.

In this article we are going to tell you which are the best energy saving electric radiators and what you should take into account when buying one.

The best energy saving electric radiators

The best Orbegozo RRE 1010 A... Orbegozo RRE 1010 A... No ratings yet 116,00 €
Quality Price Gridinlux | Radiator... Gridinlux | Radiator... No ratings yet 125,30 €
Our favourite Lodel RA8 - Emitter... Lodel RA8 - Emitter... No ratings yet 109,90 €
Cecotec Radiator... Cecotec Radiator... 1,378 Reviews 80,00 €
Cecotec Radiator... Cecotec Radiator... 275 Reviews 105,00 €
Orbegozo RF 1500 Radiator... Orbegozo RF 1500 Radiator... 653 Reviews 48,22 €
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
1,378 Reviews
275 Reviews
653 Reviews
116,00 €
125,30 €
109,90 €
80,00 €
105,00 €
48,22 €

Orbegozo RRE 1010 Low Consumption Thermal Emitter

This model is available in white and with an aluminium body. It has a heating system that improves energy efficiency and reduces the impact on the environment. This is possible because that does not use any type of fuel or generate any fumes or odors. It has an operation that can be programmed and set a schedule and temperature that we are used to be at home to forget to turn on the heating.

The radiator variables can be controlled thanks to a digital LCD display and a remote control. It has several types of operation depending on the need: economic, comfort and anti-frost mode. One of the characteristics for which this radiator stands out is that it does not dry out the environment. Its installation is quite simple.

Taurus Tallin 900

This radiator has a power of 900W. You can select the temperature you want in the room in a wide range from 10 to 35 degrees. They have 2 main modes of operation depending on the needcomfort mode and economy mode. You can set the temperature at which you want the appliance to operate via a backlit display.

The advantage of this radiator is that it has a very modern and elegant design that can perfectly match your room. It includes a switch to turn it on or off.

Xiaomi SMARTMI Electric radiator

We can not deny that the Xiaomi brand is succeeding thanks to the introduction of products with a good quality/price ratio. This model of electric radiator low power consumption has a cyclic convection-type heating technology. It has a fan that helps to provide heat by preventing dryness in an area of about 10-15 square meters. This helps prevent certain colds and other illnesses due to a decrease in humidity.

It has a new and innovative function that serves to save energy continuously. It is a fairly lightweight model, easy to move and integrates well into any modern decor. It has a safety design that makes it deactivate when there is any anomaly or overheating.

Lodel RA8

This thermal emitter has an ultra-thin and lightweight design to be able to adapt it anywhere in the room. It heats the room quite quickly so that you save energy with its low consumption technology. It has a digital chronothermostat with LCD screen to configure the different options you have: comfort mode, economy mode, anti-frost and automatic mode. With these programs you can choose the one that best suits your needs to save the most energy.

The advantage of this model is that it has high durability and safety and easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a floor stand, power cord and a remote control for configuration.

Cecotec Thermal Heater Ready Warm

It has 8 aluminum elements and a power of 1200W to heat the house quickly. With its ultra-thin design we can install it anywhere in the home, as it serves as a decorative element. It has three modes of operation as we need it: day mode, night mode and neverfrost mode. It has an easy installation thanks to incorporates feet and a wall bracket.

It has a timer to program its operation seven days a week. It has a built-in LED display and a remote control easy to use for programming. It is quite safe as it has a system to prevent overheating.

How an energy-saving electric radiator works

Energy-saving electric radiators are powered by electricity. One of the main advantages over other types of heating is that they hardly need installation. They are usually tighten a couple of screws and plug the device. Its operation comes through the emission of heat thanks to an electrical resistance that heats a fluid inside the radiator. This fluid can be water or a special oily fluid that heats up faster. The heating of this fluid produces heat that is transferred to the radiator surface and into the air.

The heat from the energy-saving electric radiator is transmitted through convection. All this warm air permeates the air in the room and raises the temperature, improving the quality of the environment. This heating process is clean, safe and reliable.

Types of low power consumption radiators

Low consumption electric radiator

There are different types of energy-saving electric radiators and each of them has a special feature and a different use. Let's see which ones there are:

  • Heaters: are those that incorporate a fan in order to provide heat more quickly. The fan is used to spread the heat more efficiently throughout the room.
  • Towel rail radiatorsare used to heat the bathroom and remove moisture from your towels. They are connected to the boiler by electricity. The advantage of these towel radiators is that they are quite aesthetic.
  • Thermal emitters: are those heating devices that are placed on the wall and are electrically operated. The advantage is that they save a lot of energy as they can keep warm for a longer period of time.
  • Oil radiatorsThe main advantage of these devices is that they are portable and easy to install. They are cheaper but consume a lot of energy.
  • With vectors: are those that include a series of resistors that heat up and circulate the air through them.
  • Vertical radiators: act as a normal radiator but vertically. The advantage is that they are quite aesthetic.
  • Radiant panels: emit heat radiation through their own surface. They emit a kind of infrared radiation thanks to the resistor plate.
  • Wall radiators: works like a normal radiator but has a structure to place or the wall in a fixed way.
  • Portable radiators: works like a normal radiator but they are usually smaller in size. Its power is lower but it can be moved wherever you want.

How to choose an energy-saving electric radiator

Types of energy saving electric radiators

When choosing an energy-saving electric radiator, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • Power: When we talk about the power of an electric radiator, we are talking about its heating capacity. This heating capacity is calculated through the amount of heat emitted per square meter. To heat a room of about 20 square meters you need a radiator of about 1,600W. This is already known that in order to heat 1 square metre of a room you need 80W.
  • Number of elementsThe more configuration elements of the operation of the electric radiator, the more detailed the electricity consumption can be reduced.
  • ThermostatThe radiator is interesting to include an integrated thermostat that allows you to adjust both the consumption, as the temperature and the program of switching on and off. This is how we regulate the use of this radiator and improve energy consumption.
  • Remote controlthanks to the remote control we can configure it in a more comfortable way.
  • Security system: it is interesting that the energy-saving electric radiator has a system to prevent overheating. The main purpose of this safety system is to turn itself off as soon as it notices a problem.
  • Energy EfficiencyThe temperature sensor: is based on the incorporation of temperature sensors that measure the temperature of the environment in which it is located. In this way, it chooses the time it should work so that the temperature is stable and pleasant.

Advantages of an electric radiator over an oil radiator

These energy-saving electric radiators have some very clear advantages over the oil coolers. Let's see what they are:

  • Easy installation: if we want to install an electric radiator of low consumption we will not need the help of any technician. It is quite simple. We only need to fix it to the wall or some surface with a couple of screws.
  • Maximum mobility: its easy handling allows maximum mobility. Some of them have wheels for easy movement.
  • Individual regulation: The temperature of each radiator can be regulated independently thanks to the most optimal operation.
  • Low maintenance: hardly requires major maintenance. There is no need for a boiler and no need to purge the radiators.

I hope that with this information you will be able to choose the energy saving electric radiator that best suits you.

If you've come this far, it's because you're still not sure how much you want to spend. How much do you want to spend?


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