Prime Day 2021 in heating

Amazon Prime Day is here and this year comes loaded with offers on heating products. If you are looking for smart thermostats like Nest, Honeywell, Tado or Netatmo, here you will find the best prices, although there are also more products such as radiators, heaters and more to keep you warm in winter.

Prime Day is over. Check back here next year to discover the best discounts on home heating products for Amazon Prime members.

What products to keep you warm in winter you can buy on Prime Day

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are a temperature controllers which, in addition to regulating this, includes certain functions that are what give it a certain intelligence. For example, they can be programmed, which will make them consume less energy. Some of them can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, as long as the brand is compatible and includes an option compatible with home automation. Being electronic devices of the present and future, these are items that we are sure to find discounted on Prime Day.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators aren't as flashy as smart thermostats, but they're a great option that can be used to heat your home. will allow us to enjoy a good temperature in our home.. Its design is usually similar to those that work with hot water, but these work with electricity. Like many household products, these electric radiators will be on offer on Prime Day, and the discounts can be very significant, especially if we choose one of a not very well known brand.


For those who have not known the real brazier (the one that worked with embers), the stoves are the classic heater of all life. And there are many different models, starting with what is also called brazier by design, although it does not work with embers, followed by incandescent tube, butane gas and, although they are not very widespread, some that include some intelligent component, allowing us to program and control them remotely with our smartphone. Bearing in mind that Prime Day is celebrated when temperatures are already dropping and that they are highly sought after products, these are the items that we will find with good sales.


I have had some, I would like to comment that heaters are a good and economical option, but depending on the use we make of them. They are devices that heat the environment with hot air jetsAnd this can be a problem. Why? Well, because the air has to be well focused, otherwise the jet we receive may not be hot, which will be counterproductive.

The good thing about heaters is that, if we choose a good option and use them well, we can heat any room. without making a large outlayThis will be even better if we buy it at an event like Amazon's Prime Day.

What is Prime Day

prime day heating

For many, including myself, Amazon is the most important online store in the world. In it, we can even buy without registration, but, logically, it is best to create an account. If we want to take advantage of better deals and receive shipments within 24 hours, the store offers us the Amazon Prime service, a service by subscription which is priced at 36€/year, but it's worth it if we buy a lot or if we also want to enjoy services like Prime Video.

Having explained the above, Prime Day is an annual event held by Amazon for its Prime customers, formerly known as Premium. In it, as during Black Friday or Cyber Monday or the VAT-free days celebrated by other stores, we will find thousands of your discounted productsSo we could say that Prime Day is a day of sales that Amazon offers to its Prime customers.

When Prime day 2021 takes place

Although we just said Prime Day is "a day," what it really is is an event, and it doesn't last just 24 hours. The event, at least until today, has a duration of two daysand in them we can find offers with more or less significant discounts on all kinds of items.

This year, Prime Day will be held on 21 and 22 June. Prime users should save those dates in the calendar and take a look at the offers, as it is likely that we will find something that interests us at a price that will be difficult to refuse. And, why not, non-Prime users should also take a look at the offers, since one of them may include a discount worth subscribing for. That is, if we see that the discount is more than 36€, we can consider subscribing and try for a whole year all that Amazon Prime has to offer. It is a suggestion that, in fact, I carried out a couple of years ago and I still subscribe, in part to also enjoy Prime Video.

Why it's a good opportunity to buy a radiator or stove on Prime Day

The question is 'why is it a good opportunity to buy when we will pay less’? Because the answer would be in the question itself. Only on days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday are we going to see similar offers, so Amazon Prime users can enjoy two extra days of sales a year. The percentage of discount will depend on the article, but there are cases in which the discount is very important and with which we will save a lot of money.

But Prime Day not exactly a sales event like those offered in other stores. Sales usually take place on specific dates and are given because it is necessary to get rid of the stock that have not managed to sell during the season. This tends to be especially true for clothing. On the other hand, Prime Day is simply an event that invites us to buy and the discounted items are the same ones that shortly after will return to the usual price.

With all of this explained, Prime Day is a good opportunity to buy any item sold on Amazon, as long as we are Prime customers. Among these items will be radiators and stoves, partly because, as in the aforementioned Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everything related to electronics and home are very popular items and are those that usually appear discounted.