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When winter arrives and the cold starts in the house we need to use some heating appliance. We must know how to choose which are those heating appliances that are responsible for heating the house and help us save on the electricity bill. The main drawback of heating is the cost of electricity. One of the most efficient types of heating for homes is the ceramic heater. However, there are numerous models of ceramic heaters on the market.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you all the features, what a ceramic heater must have to be of good quality and which are the best on the market.

The best ceramic heaters

Next we are going to list some of the main models most demanded for heating in our homes. We will analyze each of its features and performance.

Rowenta Mini Excel Eco SO9265F0

This ceramic heater has two positions with adjustable power. The power is set according to the noise it generates. If we place it in a power of 1,000 will be in silent mode, while if we put it on the maximum power of 1,800W it will be a bit noisier. It has a thermostat with an electronic device to prevent frost. Its design is quite elegant and has a very easy to use screen.

It has a rear filter that can be washed with something easily so that dust does not accumulate. With this ceramic heater you can save up to 50% of energy when set to the eco energy function.

Cecotec Ready Warm Ceramic Heater

This is a type of ceramic heater with high power. Its maximum power is 1500W and the minimum is 750W.. It has safety grids that help to avoid possible domestic problems. Its system helps to emit heat with high speed and efficiency, reducing the electrical cost. It has several modes to save energy and adapt to the necessary conditions. For added safety, it has an anti-tip sensor to avoid possible falls when moving to an unusual position.

Its technology is quite modern and is able to heat rooms of 20 square meters efficiently. It has an ergonomic handle that allows you to move it easily. It also has an overheating system to prevent house fires.

Orbegozo FHR 3050 Ceramic Heater

This model is a little simpler for those who don't want to complicate things too much. It has two heating powers and a protection system against overheating. Its body is completely in metal and with a good finish.

You can adjust the temperature at which you want the appliance to operate and it also has an automatic safety shut-off. It has a fan to better spread the heat and non-slip feet is for any surface.

MIROCOO Portable Heater

This ceramic heater has a fairly fast heating of the room. It has a low power consumption to help us save on electricity. Its timer is fully adjustable and allows you to set use for up to 3 hours with automatic shutdown. It has two temperature modes to easily choose the one we need.

The built-in ceramic helps to heat the room quickly and safely. To do this, it has a dual protection system. The first is overheating protection in which the thermostat will reset if the power supply is at abnormally high temperatures. The second is the anti-tilt system.

COMLIFE Ceramic Electric Heater

This ceramic heater has an elegant and versatile design. It has an electronic remote control so you can set it from a distance. To do thisIt has a very intuitive touch screen and noise control.. We can heat our room with as little noise as possible. The temperature can be displayed on the screen in real time.

It is equipped with two safety gears against overheating and anti-tip. If the device reaches 65 degrees, it will automatically shut down. They have several modes of operation. The natural hot wind mode and the rotary mode. You can program the power we want it to work to adjust it to our needs.

Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic Heater

This model is one of the lightest and most portable on the market. Although it has a very small size it is very powerful. It is suitable for heating small rooms such as bathrooms and offices. Its technology helps to provide faster and more efficient heating compared to other traditional heaters.

The thermostat can be adjusted to a comfortable temperature. It also has a safety system that ensures protection against overheating and an anti-tip switch.

What is a ceramic heater

This is a type of heater that is able to transform electrical energy into heat through ceramic plates. The ceramic helps to distribute the heat efficiently through fans that blow the air. The air passes through the ceramic plates without overheating the casing, which makes it quite safe for the home. You won't be afraid to touch the appliance and burn yourself.

Advantages of ceramic heaters

Advantages of the thermal heater

Using this type of heater has many advantages:

  • It is about quite economical and powerful devices. They are the best value for money.
  • They heat up quite quickly to the rooms due to the refractory capacity of the ceramic plates.
  • Se can be kept for several winters without being damaged.
  • You have safe enough for the whole family to use.
  • They are easy to transport and their size allows them to be placed in small spaces.
  • No maintenance or fuel required.
  • Its efficiency is set for lower energy consumption, which translates into savings on your electricity bill.

How to choose a ceramic heater

To choose a ceramic heater that suits your conditions you should analyse the following variables:

  • Portable design: you should choose the model that has a design easy enough to transport from one place to another.
  • Size: it is advisable to choose a model that is compact so that it can be placed anywhere.
  • Power: will depend on the size of the room we want to heat. To heat a bathroom of only 4 square meters we will need a power greater than 450W. If a room is larger than 10 square meters, you will need at least 1000W.
  • Energy efficiency: for the appliance to have a low energy consumption you should choose those with a high energy efficiency.

Ceramic heater or fan heater?

Thermal heater

Fan heaters are those devices that help to transform the air they absorb from the environment to the desired temperature. However, have a higher energy cost and that is translated into the electricity bill. If we want a more efficient and user-friendly heating system, the ceramic heater is a better choice.

Best brands of ceramic heaters


They usually have a pretty good design with elegant black finishes. They are a very good value for money and in performance as well. Their heaters have the ability to regulate the power at which we want the device to work and noise reduction.


Their models are prepared to heat rooms quickly and efficiently. Most of their heaters have a safety grid to avoid any kind of accident. They are quite safe systems with a good quality/price ratio.


They have quite powerful model heaters but with high energy efficiency. This will help us to heat the rooms quite easily without too high a cost. The models come with adjustable power to adapt it to the necessary conditions.


If you want portable and easy to carry ceramic heater models, this is your brand. It counts as small ones that are easy to carry anywhere and easy to incorporate into the home. They are made for heating small rooms and for travel.


They are known as the "champions of heaters". And it is that they are models as small size but great efficiency when it comes to distribute the heat throughout the room. They have fans that work with a great performance and allows to distribute the heat well. It has a power regulation system to adjust to the needs.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the ceramic heater.

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