WiFi Thermostat

smart thermostats

Although it's been over a decade since the first real smartphone was introduced, it hasn't been until a few years ago that everything has become smarter. No longer just phones, we now have smart TVs, smart watches, smart fridges and even smart clothing.

For something to be "smart" it has to meet at least one requirement: that we can connect to it remotely, like the WiFi thermostat we are going to talk about in this article.

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Ceramic heater

ceramic radiators

When winter arrives and the cold starts in the house we need to use some heating appliance. We must know how to choose which are those heating appliances that are responsible for heating the house and help us save on the electricity bill. The main drawback of heating is the cost of electricity. One of the most efficient types of heating for homes is the ceramic heater. However, there are numerous models of ceramic heaters on the market.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you all the features, what a ceramic heater must have to be of good quality and which are the best on the market.

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Portable air conditioning with heat pump

air conditioning hot/cold

If you are looking for a heating appliance that has less risk of fire or have various hazards such as electric heaters we recommend the portable air conditioning with heat pump. These devices are capable of heating up to 3 times more and are completely safe. It has a cooling function that takes the hot air from the space and cools it and then expels it. It has another mode that does the opposite. It absorbs the hot air in a room and increases its temperature to send it back outside.

In this article we are going to show you which is the best portable air conditioner with heat pump and what it should have to suit you.

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Oil radiator

oil coolers

Finding a way to heat your home and get it as cheaply as possible can be quite an odyssey. Some people change their electricity tariff options, others opt for double glazed windows and others check the efficiency of their heating. There are different types of heating and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Electric stoves, gas stoves, thermal emitters, radiators, etc. One of the best options to heat your home in a more efficient way is the oil cooler.

In this article we are going to tell you all the characteristics that an oil radiator must have to be efficient and which are the best ones on the market.

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Low consumption radiators

When the low winter temperatures arrive, heating sometimes becomes absolutely necessary. In order to save on electricity consumption and not give us surprises when the bills arrive, we can opt for the energy-saving electric radiators. These are heat generators that are designed to save as much energy as possible and reduce the price of bills.

In this article we are going to tell you which are the best energy saving electric radiators and what you should take into account when buying one.

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Bioethanol stoves

Bioethanol stoves

The problem of environmental pollution makes us have to look for fuels that are less harmful to our heating. As the years go by bioethanol has become a quite famous fuel in homes. Therefore, it is difficult to choose which are the best bioethanol stoves, given the many models on the market.

To help you choosing a bio ethanol stove, in this section of our website to buy stoves we tell you what to look out for when installing one in your home.

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Paraffin and kerosene stoves

Buying guide for paraffin stoves

The paraffin stovesThe kerosene stoves, also known as kerosene or kerosene stoves, are not widely used in most countries, although they are still very important in some South American countries, where per capita incomes are lower and do not allow access to one of the new technologies. pellet stoves or of gas stoves. The great advantage of this type of stove is undoubtedly its price, very low compared to most other stoves..

In addition, they are perfect if we need to transport themThe heaters can be used to heat several rooms or if we only use them for a short period of time, due to their small size. Its fuel, paraffin, is also not a problem for any user which is another great advantage.

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Wood stoves

Guide to wood stoves

Wood-burning stoves are devices that employ firewood extracted from trees as fuel to heat the home. Generally, wood is an inexpensive and safe fuel. However, depending on the construction model of each stove, its performance varies.

Here is a very complete post that will guide you to know in depth what type of wood stove you should choose and which one has the best quality. Do you want to learn more about wood stoves?

The best wood stoves

Wood-burning stoves have become the favourite choice of many Spanish households. Therefore, choosing the best one that suits us is difficult. Wood stoves are easy to use and do not require effort or complex installations. They only require a smoke outlet.

The best wood stoves on the market are those that, depending on the design, power and aesthetics, have the best quality/price ratio. The best wood stove is not the most expensive or the one that has the best brand, but the one that has the best quality. the one that best suits us. It is useless to have a stove with a good brand, if it does not meet our needs well.

To know which stove is best for us, we must take into account the budget we have and our needs.

The best Wood stove. Wood stove... Wood stove. Wood stove... No ratings yet 329,00 €
Quality Price Round wood stove... Round wood stove... No ratings yet 144,95 €
Our favourite Wood stove with oven... Wood stove with oven... No ratings yet 489,00 €
BLACK WOOD STOVE... BLACK WOOD STOVE... No ratings yet 129,95 €
Round Wood Stove... Round Wood Stove... No ratings yet 124,95 €
Orbegozo HBF 90 Wood stove with... Orbegozo HBF 90 Wood stove with... 4,591 Reviews 81,39 €
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
4,591 Reviews
329,00 €
144,95 €
489,00 €
129,95 €
124,95 €
81,39 €

If we need to use the stove on a daily basis, it is better to use a high-end stove. These have a high performance that will leave us with good savings. The best brands of top of the range stoves are Rocal and Jotul. They are the brands with the highest efficiency and very sophisticated designs.

Cheap wood stoves

If we need the stove for less frequent use, we should not worry too much about quality or brand. We will go straight to the cheapest stoves on the market.

The best wood-burning stoves for occasional use are in Bronpi brand. They are mid-low range, but perfectly meet all the necessary requirements. The performances are quite good for the price they have. They are not recommended for daily use, since their life time is more limited and they have a very short life time. we would have to change the stove after a few years. In addition, they are more expensive as they are less efficient.

Bronpi Lerma

This type of stove is perfect for use in second homes, where the time we stay in it is not very long. It has a power of 9 kW, so it could heat homes up to about 85 square meters. Its interior is made of vermiculite and has a clean glass system and double combustion. It has an efficiency of 76% and consumes 2.8 kg of wood per hour.

If you purchase this stove, a cleaning rake, spray paint, grill rack and glove are included.

Supports a maximum log size of 43 cm.

Bronpi Sidney

This model is more sophisticated and prepared for smaller rooms. It has a turbine and a power of 11 kW. It has a heating capacity of 275 cubic meters and regulation of primary and secondary combustion air.

With 5 years warranty, if you buy this stove you will have included glove, paint spray and rake for cleaning. It consumes 3.4 kg of wood per hour and has an efficiency of 76%.

Boreal ECO100

Here we find the most economical and simple model. Ideal for rural rooms. It has a power of 8 kW and a heating capacity of 200 cubic meters. It is a design of second Bronpi brands, designed for those simpler areas.

They have a clean glass system and double combustion. The materials with which it is constructed withstand 650 degrees and even the glass door is made of a glass ceramic material capable of withstanding temperatures of 750 degrees. The cast iron grill is removable for easy cleaning, as is the drawer where the ashes are deposited.

If you purchase this stove you get a glove as a gift.

Sabina Eco Plus

This stove is made of steel and comes with a built-in oven. Its heating power is 12.7 kW and its efficiency is 71.7%. It has a glazed door, anthracite colour. The large front oven also has a glazed door and a vermiculite interior. It has an ashtray and a rear smoke outlet of 120mm.

The maximum size of logs it accepts is 52 cm. It needs a battery for the timer of lithium-metal type.

It should be placed close to the wall to facilitate the exit of fumes through the pipe.

Wood stove with oven

The wood stoves with oven have been designed to offer heating through radiation and convection, in addition to cooking. This is possible thanks to a large stainless steel oven installed in the stove.

Belloren CH4

The stove is designed with a 4 mm thick laminated steel material to ensure a long service life. It also comes with a built-in combustion grill. The oven has a thermometer and enough capacity to put roasts. It has an ash collection drawer where you can also regulate the air that enters and leaves the circuit.

The front door incorporates a vitro-ceramic glass resistant to 900°C with special ceramic shielding with stainless steel support and secondary air inlet to improve combustion.

This is the simplest model of wood stove with oven. It is perfect for houses decorated in a rustic style. It does not include the necessary pipes for the smoke to come out of the chimney.

They are ideal to place in the middle of the room, as they are able to heat the room on both sides and at the same time cook. They have an analog thermometer to control the temperature of the food in the oven.

Bronpi Murano

This model is a little more sophisticated and allows us to have a little more elegance in the decor. It has a heating power of 14 kW, so it has a heatable volume of 350 cubic meters. Its efficiency is 80%, which is quite good. It is ideal for placement close to walls where the flue can be easily connected.

It has a double combustion system, clean glass and a surround system to distribute all the heat inside the oven. The interior is made of vermiculite.

Includes cleaning rake, glove and paint spray and comes with a 5 year warranty. The maximum size of the trunks that admits is 63 cm.

Bronpi Murano-L

This oven stove is high-end and given its size, it allows you to cook a large number of roasts. It also has a power of 14 kW, like the previous one, with a heating capacity of 350 cubic meters. It has an efficiency of 80% and a consumption of 4.1 kg of wood per hour.

The interior is made of vermiculite and has a double combustion system and clean glass. If you buy it you get a free glove, cleaning rake and paint spray.

Outdoor wood stoves

Although stoves are often associated with heating indoors, they are also used outdoors. They are perfect for heating porches and small rooms that are protected from the cold.

To make any outdoor space more pleasant, they will allow us to enjoy our terrace, garden or patio all year round. We can find elements of rusty iron, forge and sheet metal.

They also bring us the warm aroma of burning wood and help us to gain in rural style.

This model is made for gardens. Its large size allows you to heat an area for a longer period of time. It is very easy to clean. It has a high quality stitch that withstands high temperatures without losing color.

It has a grid to prevent sparks from jumping. To prevent the iron from rusting, it is possible to
paint the exterior with a color that is heat resistant.

It is only suitable for outdoors, although its performance is higher if the exterior is semi-covered by some kind of pergola or awning. Its height is 1.2 meters.

Types of wood stoves

There are three types of wood stoves depending on the material they are made of.

  • Cast IronFirst we have the cast iron ones. They are heavier because it is a resistant material and more difficult to install. However, your performance is better as it has excellent thermal inertia and transmits heat more evenly.
  • Steel: Steel stoves are lighter and have a simpler installation. They are usually cheaper than the previous ones and although they have a good temperature rise, are less efficient at heating.
  • Refractory materialThey are more voluminous and have autonomy of up to 20 hours. As they are built with refractory materials, they are able to conserve heat better and distribute it more efficiently. They have a high performance and a strong radiation.

Pipes for wood stoves

Wood stoves require pipes to divert the fumes generated during combustion and reduce the danger of poisoning. The most efficient pipes and with better quality materials are of the brand Wolfpack.

This tube is vitrified and black to be more discreet and join a more elaborate design. It weighs 2.64 kg and has dimensions of 99.2 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm.

There are also pipes with galvanized and silver-colored material. It is ideal for wood stoves. Its dimensions are 103 x 14 x 14 x 14 cm and it weighs 1,26 kg.

How to make wood stoves

For those handyman who want to build their own wood stove, here we will provide all the necessary materials and explain it step by step.

First, you need the following materials:

  • Clay
  • Sand
  • Bricks
  • Mesh
  • Spatula
  • Level
  • Burnt oil
  • Tubes
  • Cooking plates

Now we explain step by step what to do:

  1. We must clean the area where we are going to build the stove so that it looks as good as possible.
  2. The bricks are placed to make the base. To glue them together, we will use a mixture of 20% clay and 80% sand.
  3. When the base is completely built, we will place a welded mesh to create an arch. The rods of the bed are used to put what we want to cook.
  4. We lined the inside of the mesh space with more bricks.
  5. We create a flat base that we will use for cooking later.
  6. We apply a 3-centimeter layer of clay-sand mixture and leveled it.
  7. Once this is finished, we install the pipes and connections through which the smoke from the combustion will come out.
  8. Let everything dry for two days and we will have our stove ready to make meals.

How a wood stove is installed

It is important to know all the steps to install your wood stove and that everything is correct. Here we explain step by step.

  1. Decide in which area you are going to install it. The best place to install a wood-burning stove is in the area of the house that is most inhabited and needs the most heat.
  2. Place a non-combustible material under and behind the stove to protect us from any accidents. We must respect about 40 centimeters of space between the stove and the wall.
  3. We connect the chimney pipe that will expel the fumes to the stove.

Installing a wood stove is relatively simple. However, it is better to choose to call in professionals to help you do it even if it is a bit more expensive. It is always better to invest in safety.

Maintenance of a wood stove

Guide to wood stoves

Wood-burning stoves require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure good condition, safety and maximum performance.

  • The first thing to consider is the seals. They should be cleaned and checked periodically. If they are not completely watertight, they should be replaced.
  • The oven glass must be cleaned to prevent the accumulation of soot stains. The most useful is to use a damp cloth soaked in ashes.
  • The plates in the combustion chamber wear out naturally after continuous use. Therefore, depending on the use we give it and the frequency, we will have to buy another one.
  • The ash tray must be emptied, although it is more efficient to leave a thin layer of ash on the bottom.
  • To clean the outside of the stove, use a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth. Do not use alcohol or solvents, as they damage the paintwork.

Types of firewood

Types of firewood

Finally, depending on the need and frequency with which we use our stove, we will use one type of firewood or another. Before differentiating which are the best firewood, it should be mentioned that it must be very dry.

We differentiate between two types of firewood, hard and soft. Soft firewood is not usually useful because it is cooler and does not produce a good combustion. Its calorific value is lower and it is not useful to obtain good embers in the kitchen.

Among the highest quality hardwood we find:

  • Holm oak firewood. It is one of the hardest firewoods that exist. It has great consistency and long life. The embers that it gives us for cooking are very good. They are ideal for barbecues and restaurants.
  • Olive wood. This firewood makes a flame more suitable for heating.
  • Almond, oak, carob and orange tree wood.. All have great hardness and consistency, so they are considered good quality.

With this information you can learn more about wood stoves and find out which one is best for you.

Electric stoves

Electric stoves

One of the most popular types of stoves are the electric stovesThe heating of a room or any enclosed place in a very comfortable and simple way. In addition no gases or fumes of any kind are emitted thanks to the electric heating system.They are not too dangerous for humans.

However, although the cost of an electric stove is usually not too high, we have the disadvantage of the ever rising price of electricity. This means that using a stove of this type, even if it is an energy efficient electric stove, can be really expensive compared to other available options.

Comparison of electric stoves

The best Orbegozo BP 0600 - Oven... Orbegozo BP 0600 - Oven... 543 Reviews 20,50 €
Quality Price Orbegozo RRE 1010 A... Orbegozo RRE 1010 A... No ratings yet 116,00 €
Our favourite Blaupunkt BP1003 - Stove... Blaupunkt BP1003 - Stove... No ratings yet 26,90 €
NEWTECK Fireplace... NEWTECK Fireplace... No ratings yet 59,90 €
Orbegozo RF 1500 Radiator... Orbegozo RF 1500 Radiator... 653 Reviews 48,22 €
Orbegozo FH 5008 -... Orbegozo FH 5008 -... 1,398 Reviews 16,50 €
543 Reviews
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
653 Reviews
1,398 Reviews
20,50 €
116,00 €
26,90 €
59,90 €
48,22 €
16,50 €
The best electric stoves

Next we are going to show you some of the best electric stoves that we can currently find on the market;

Rowenta Comfort Aqua SO6510F2

Specially designed for bathrooms or areas with high humidity.This Rowenta stove can be our best partner in winter, allowing us for example to heat the bathroom before taking a shower. With a power of 2,400 W we can even use it to heat large rooms without too much trouble.

Its price is 54.99 euros, which makes this electric stove one of the best options we can currently find on the market.

Comfort Compact SO2320

If what we are looking for is power for our stove or heater, we can decide to use the Comfort Compact SO2320. And it offers us a power of up to 2,000 W, and we can also use a second option in which the power remains at 1,000 W.

In addition, and as if all this is not enough, it also incorporates a Silence" mode which reduces the always annoying noise of this type of devices.

Tristar KA - 5039

If we are looking for a small, cheap electric stove that does not lose any power, one of the best options that we will be able to find is the Tristar KA - 5039. And it is that with a power up to 2,000 W we can buy it for just a handful of euros.

Rowenta SO 9265 F2 / AT0

Ceramic heaters are one of the most popular heaters on the market and this one from Rowenta that uses electricity to convert it into heat is one of the most popular today. one of the best sellers on Amazon. It offers two power levels, with a maximum of 1,800 W.

Among its most interesting features is the Econ Energy" function which allows us to save energy up to 50%, an electronic thermostat that regulates the temperature very precisely and a mute function so that we do not even have to know that we have the stove on.

Orbegozo FHR 3050

If what we are looking for is above all power, without a doubt this stove Orbegozo FHR 3050 should be our choice, thanks to the maximum power of 3,000 W it offers us.

Thanks to it we can heat large spaces in a very short time. In addition, its price is not at all crazy as it usually happens when the power of the device rises.

Energy-saving electric stoves are becoming more and more popular because, like other stoves, they allow us to heat a room or rooms, but they also allow us to heat a room or rooms. save us a few euros, some energy and also do not pollute the environment.They do not use gas and do not give off any type of smoke, mainly due to the fact that they do not use gas and do not give off any type of smoke.

The great advantage of this type of electric stoves is undoubtedly that they have a much lower consumption than any other type of stove, mainly thanks to the better use it makes of energy.

Cheap electric stoves

The electric stoves stand out largely because of their low price, and is that currently we can find in the market stoves of this type for very few euros.. Here are a few examples of cheap electric stoves;

Master SA1200

Less than 19 euros will be the cost of having an electric stove. that offers us a power of 1200W and that will allow us to heat any small room in not too much time. It is one of the best selling electric stoves on Amazon and with this price you will surely not find a better quality / price anywhere else and in any other device.

Orbegozo FH 5001

If you like to be stylish and classy even for buying a cheap electric stove, this Orbegozo FH 5001 with a blue color finish is perfect for you. In addition to its design its specifications will not leave you unsatisfied and its price is 12.95 today on Amazon or what is the same a real bargain.

Its power is 600 W which will be more than enough to heat any room not too big or to give you warmth on a cold winter day.

Orbegozo BP 5000

This Orbegozo BP 5000 is a very simple electric stove, with the possibility of choosing the desired power between 400 and 800 W, which will allow us to heat quickly and without complications small rooms.

Its price is very competitive and for sure you won't find a better price than the one offered by Amazon.

FM 2302-C 1200W

With a classic design this electric stove has a price of the most economical and like those we have already reviewed, with a power not too high but should be more than enough to heat a room, without its consumption soars too much.

Decorative electric stoves with flame effect

Image of a flame effect electric stove

Electric stoves are available in a wide variety of types, among which the most popular are the ones with flame effect. Placed in the main rooms of a house, they have a double function. On the one hand they are decorativegiving an elegant touch to the room and in general to the house, and on the other hand they do the functions of heating the room or the house..

They replace in most of the occasions a traditional fireplace, with wood logs or fake coal, which are nothing more than a successful animation based on a lighting system. Inside we find an electric resistance, which can be from 1000 to 2000 w as maximum power and that together with a fan allows us to distribute the heat throughout the room.

Image of a beautiful electric stove

In addition, this type of stoves work perfectly separatelyOn the one hand we can have the stove itself working, without having to use the animation, something that honestly is very uncommon, or we can have the decorative flame effect on, without having to have the heating on. For example on a hot summer night we could have the decorative flame on to sit and read in front of it, but without having the stove on.

Types of electric stoves

Electric stoves

Next we are going to make a complete overview of the different types of electric stoves that exist:

  • Quartz stovesThis type of stove is one of the most popular when heating small rooms such as the bathroom. Its size is rather small and its price and consumption are also quite low.
  • Halogen stovesThey are a type of electric stove, which also works by radiation through its halogen bars, which are nothing more than gas bulbs. Among its main advantages are the safety they offer against rubbing or contact with the protective grid. They also do not pollute, do not consume oxygen in the room and are ideal as quartz stoves to heat small rooms.
  • Turbo heater stovesThis type of stoves are not common in homes, but they are, for example, in the terraces of an increasing number of cafes. Most of them are electric, although we must say that some of them burn with butane gas.
  • Oil stoves (oil electric)This type of stove is one of the most common among the population. Also known as radiators, they work plugged into the mains, although they burn with oil that is inside.

Are electric stoves dangerous?

Electric stove with flame effect

Safety in the home is something we want to have above all else. That's why, after hearing so many reports of fires in homes due to carelessness with heaters, we wonder. An electric heater works by heating a heating element and providing the heat we need. But certain situations must be prevented so as not to create unnecessary danger.

In the winter season, fire alarms are triggered in homes due to heaters. 38.5% of known cases have their origin with devices that produce heat. To avoid these situations we must:

  1. Periodically check the stove. The cable and plug also often get hot, it is important to check if it is in good condition. If it is a little burnt or black, it is better to change it. Never use the stove if the protective screen is broken or damaged.
  2. Do not cover the heater with rags or have it on for too long. These appliances consume a lot of energy and get very hot. It is important not to overload power strips with too many plugs, especially if they are high-powered. It is also not recommended to put it under the table.
  3. Move the stove away from any flammable materials.. It is necessary to place it at a prudent distance of one meter between curtains, sofas and armchairs.
  4. As it is an electric stove you must have extreme care in the bathroom. It is necessary to leave one meter of safety between the stove and the area surrounding the shower. Above all, never pick it up to move it from the shower or with wet hands.

Electric stoves in themselves are not dangerous, but it is important to be clear about a few things before using them to prevent potential hazards.

How electric stoves work

Many people have seen or have an electric stove in their homes. To keep your stove in good condition at all times and not cause any danger, it is good to know how it works.

The operation of an electric stove is divided into:

Power input

The stove is connected to a socket and gets its electricity from there. It conducts it through the wires to the heating element. The voltage required for these stoves is 240 volts, unlike appliances used in the kitchen, which require 120 volts.

One electrical advantage they have is that they use 8 amp plugs. This serves to protect the wiring, as there will be less electrical resistance and the wires can be kept cooler. The circuit breaker that electric stoves need are 40 amps.

Ignition of the resistors

The stove collects the energy sent by the wires from the socket and sends it to a central transformer. The energy travels the length and breadth of the heating elements and heats them up. In this way, the stove is able to increase the temperature of the air around it.

Power supply of the components

Contrary to popular belief, not all the energy used by the stove is for heating the heating elements. Part of the energy it picks up from the socket is directed to the other components. For example, many stoves have heating zones, warning lights that show us which heating element is hot so that we don't touch it. They also have timers.

All these components need electricity to operate.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric stoves

Electric stove in a house with parquet

Any appliance that we use at home is subject to some advantages and disadvantages. When we are going to use a stove, we always have the doubt about whether to choose electricity, gas or traditional wood stoves.

Let's take a look at the advantages of electric stoves:

  • Good efficiency. Generally, electric stoves are more efficient than gas or wood-burning stoves, as they do not need more expensive fuel on a continuous basis. In short periods of time, they are significantly cheaper.
  • Another advantage that electric stoves have is their control. It is easier to control the output of an electric stove than a gas or wood stove. So, depending on the need, we can use more or less temperature.
  • Electric stoves are generally cheaper than the rest.
  • If the precautions mentioned above are maintained, since it is not based on flame or gas, son the safest.
  • The cleaning of this type of stove is much more comfortable. than a gas or wood stove.
  • They heat by radiation, so they do not pollute or consume oxygen of the room.
  • It is ideal for heating smaller spaces quickly.
  • They are very easy to handle and smaller in size, if desired.

On the other hand, it also has its disadvantages:

  • The increase in electricity bills is noticeable when the electric stove has been used on a daily basis.
  • As the resistors get so hot can cause a fireIf it is located near flammable objects.
  • It is important to make sure that children stay away too much and do not touch the resistors.
  • It is easier for a resistor to break and have to be replaced.

With this information you can learn more about electric stoves to get the best out of them and always be safe when using them.

Pellet and biomass stoves

Pellet Stove Buying Guide

The stoves pellet stoves are becoming more and more popular, especially pellet stoves due to their economic price in the market, because of how cheap pellets can be purchased and also partly because of the achieved designs that in some cases can give a different and elegant touch to our homes. If you are interested in learning in depth what are the pellet stoves, what types are there and how do they work? read on.

Perhaps you might think that stoves are devices of the past, but far from it, because nowadays the pellet stoves are very popular and are also much more economical than other types of stoves and heaters.

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