Black Friday 2021

Looking for Black Friday deals on thermostats, radiators and other items to heat your home? Here's a selection of the best deals before the big day arrives so you can start saving now:

Smart thermostats discounted on Black Friday

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What is Black Friday

Black Friday, which translates as "black Friday" in Spanish, is an event or day in which we can find all kinds of products at a discount. in practically any store. It was born in the United States, and is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. Its intention is to encourage us to consume, specifically to make the first Christmas shopping. For that reason, it is said that Black Friday kicks off the Christmas period, more specifically the time in which we will make their purchases.

So, the important thing to know is that Black Friday is a day of salesone in which discounts can be very important. And as for which stores join the party, nowadays it is strange that some do not, especially if it is minimally important. Stores like Amazon, El Corte Ingles or even the Apple Store are some examples.

When Black Friday 2020 is celebrated

As we just mentioned, Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which falls on a Thursday. More specifically, it is the last Thursday in November, so Black Friday is celebrated on the last Friday of the same month. In 2020, that day coincides with Friday. November 27th.

But personally I would like to comment on this. Yes, there is talk about a Friday only, but some shops may extend the offerwhich means it's a good idea to look before and after 11/27. In fact, and although this article is not about that, the following Monday is Cyber Monday, so there are stores that make a bridge and offer deals throughout the weekend. The theory says that on Cyber Monday we only find deals on electronics items, but as said, the best thing to do is to check the prices of any merchant during the days 27 and 30 November 2020.

Why it's a good opportunity to buy a radiator or stove on Black Friday

black friday heating

Well, if the question is why it's a good opportunity to shop on a sale day, the answer is simple: we will pay less. The percentage of discount will depend on the brand and the store that offers it, but if it is such a popular day is because the discounts are usually significant. In fact, discounts like this can only be found on similar days, such as VAT-free days, Cyber Monday or Amazon's Prime Day, although the latter is only offered by the famous online store.

I also think it's important to mention that Black Friday it's not a normal sales day like those of fashion items. In clothing sales we usually find what they have not managed to sell during the season, so, in the best case, we will be buying a garment that is no longer the most current. This is not so on Black Friday, a day in which the only change we will see is the discounted price. Everything else, starting with the items and ending with their guarantees, will be the same as during the rest of the year.

Having explained the above, we would also have to talk about the discount, but this is an unknown quantity.. Looking back in time, I can confirm that there are products in which the discount can be a single euro of 20, for example, but in other cases the discounts are outrageous, so much so that I have come to see sales of the 60% in stores like Amazon. It is true that it has not been on the best product of the best brand, but paying less than half of the RRP is what I would call a good deal.

What products to keep you warm in winter you can buy on Black Friday

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are used to regulate the temperature and, in addition, it does so with intelligent functions. The most widespread among this type of thermostats is that they can be programmed, which will make them only be on when we indicate it and consume less energy. On the other hand, being smart also usually means that we can control them remotely, for which we can make use of the internet, if it offers that possibility, or from a smartphone such as an iPhone or a smartphone with Android operating system. In all likelihood, retailers will be offering many smart thermostats during Black Friday.

Electric radiators

Personally, I don't think they are the most glamorous heating devices, but they do the job perfectly well. Electronic radiators have a very similar design to the ones that work with hot water, but these ones have a very similar design to the ones that work with hot water. run on electricity and we can plug them into any power outlet. Considering that they are not flashy devices, they are not as popular as others, which may mean that the discount we find during Black Friday will be bigger than we expect.


I'm not that old, I seem to remember that I've only seen one real brazier in my whole life, and it wasn't in my house. For people of my generation, the classic heater is a stove, although they are available in many models or variants. One of the ones we can find is something with the same design as the brazier, but with an electric resistance that heats the tables underneath. On the other hand, there are also others that work with butane gas and others with some intelligent component, which means that we can program and control them remotely, although it is true that this type of stove is not very widespread. Taking into account that winter is coming, we will surely find many stoves with discount during the next Black Friday.


Personally, I only remember having had two heaters in my life, both of the same model. And having tried them, I think they are a good option if we are looking for something for heat the atmosphere without making a large outlaybut you have to know how to use them. I say this for a reason: heaters use hot air to raise the temperature in rooms, but the same air that heats us can cool us down if we don't use it at the right angle.

In any case, if we make good use of them we will be able to heat in an economical way, and everything will be more economical if we buy the heater on a day like Black Friday.