Portable air conditioning with heat pump

If you are looking for a heating appliance that has less risk of fire or have various hazards such as electric heaters we recommend the portable air conditioning with heat pump. These devices are capable of heating up to 3 times more and are completely safe. It has a cooling function that takes the hot air from the space and cools it and then expels it. It has another mode that does the opposite. It absorbs the hot air in a room and increases its temperature to send it back outside.

In this article we are going to show you which is the best portable air conditioner with heat pump and what it should have to suit you.

Best portable air conditioners with heat pump

The best TROTEC Air Conditioning... TROTEC Air Conditioning... 211 Opinions 249,95 €
Quality Price Orbegozo ADR 126 - Air... Orbegozo ADR 126 - Air... No ratings yet 393,01 €
Our favourite Cecotec Aire... Cecotec Aire... No ratings yet 330,00 €
INFINITON Air... INFINITON Air... 56 Reviews 329,00 €
Cecotec Aire... Cecotec Aire... No ratings yet 399,00 €
Tristar AC-5562 - Air... Tristar AC-5562 - Air... No ratings yet 358,74 €
211 Opinions
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
56 Reviews
No ratings yet
No ratings yet
249,95 €
393,01 €
330,00 €
329,00 €
399,00 €
358,74 €

Cecotec Evaporative cooler

It is an evaporative air conditioner that has 4 functions: cooling, heating, ionizer and fan function. In order to save energy, it has an eco mode to reduce consumption. It is able to heat and cool rooms quickly. Thanks to a filtration system that has is able to filter dust and particles to avoid expelling air with allergens.

It has a large water tank of up to 12L that serves to have a prolonged use of it. Its action is to humidify the air to improve air quality. It includes a remote control to be able to program and control it easily. One of the advantages is that it does not generate any noise.

Taurus AC 350 RVKT 3 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner

This model has 3 operating modes for better optimization in both heating and cooling. The operating modes are as follows: cooling, ventilation and dehumidification. This appliance is ideal for reducing heat quickly thanks to its power of 940W. It is capable of cooling rooms as large as 30 square meters quickly.

To make everything more convenient, it has wheels and a carrying handle for use in any room. It has a remote control and a touch control panel that is very intuitive and easy to use. It has an efficient and ecological mode that serves to reduce consumption and ensure less impact on the environment.

Taurus AC 2600 RVKT

This model has 4 different operating modes: cooling, heating, humidity reduction and ventilation. It also has air conditioning and heating. It has a maximum power of 1149W in cooling mode and 1271W in heating mode. It is perfect for rooms with a size of 25 square meters.

It has a timer to be able to program it for 24 hours and wheels and carrying handle for ease of use. Hardly makes any noise during operation. Values of 53-64db have been recorded. The refrigerant gas is healthy for the environment as it reduces its impact. It also has an energy efficiency that will help us save on the electricity bill.

Olimpia Splendid 1922 01922

It is a device that helps to generate cold and heat to replace traditional heating. It has different types of operation to optimize performance. These modes are as followsCooling, fan, heating, night mode, automatic, turbo and dehumidifier.

It is able to cool quickly and evenly throughout the room. It has a gas that has a low environmental impact.

Orbegozo ADR 126

It is a portable air conditioner that can measure both heat and cold. It also helps to reduce the ambient humidity. It has a saving system with great energy efficiency to reduce consumption and save on the electricity bill. It has 3 fan speeds and 3 operating modes: air conditioning both hot and cold, fan and dehumidifier.

It comes with a built-in remote control with which you can control the functions more comfortably. It also has a timer that allows you to program it up to 24 hours to optimize its performance consumption. It has an ecological refrigerant environmentally friendly and with a power of cold and heat of 1350W.

Advantages of a portable air conditioner

air conditioning hot/cold

They used portable air conditioner with heat pump can bring numerous advantages. Let's look at the main ones:

  • It helps to move it easily for use in any type of room.
  • Helps you save on your electricity bill.
  • It can be used at any time of the year to keep the house properly heated.
  • No major installation required and can easily accommodate your needs.
  • Its quality is excellent for its price.
  • It is ideal for those who rent a house and office and can take it with them at any time.

Cold in summer and warm in winter

Those air conditioners that have a built-in heat pump have more power than those that do not. In addition, they have some superior advantages. Although these equipments can be somewhat more expensive, reduces the electricity bill and are highly energy efficient. It should also be added that you do not need the two devices for the heat in cold, but you will have it in the same device.

For example, electric stoves consume a lot of energy because they have to generate heat. However, these appliances work in the same way as refrigerators. They absorb the heat that exists in the environment in order to transform it. They do not have to produce heat, but only pump it out. In this way, they manage to transform more energy than they consume.

Another main advantage is that they can filter the air and keep out viruses and bacteria.

How to choose a portable air conditioner with heat pump

Advantages of portable air conditioning with heat pump

To know how to choose a portable air conditioner with heat pump we must look at the following sections.

  • Cooling power: Depending on the climate of the area where you live, it will need to have more cooling power than hot. For example, if you live in an area with hotter summers it is essential to have more cooling power.
  • Heat outputThe same applies as with the cooling power but for those places with colder winters.
  • Ventilation speed: the fan speed should be adjustable to save energy at all times. If you can cool the room with speed 1, you are reducing consumption.
  • Power consumption: is based on total energy efficiency. Ideally, it will help you save on your electricity bill.
  • Noise: if we want to leave it in use during the night we must take into account the noise it makes. A device with a very loud noise can be annoying.
  • Remote control and timer: are usually more comfortable variables. With the remote control you can regulate it without having to move from the site and with the timer you can set it to start working before that house arrives and you have the room heated.
  • Thermostat: is ideal if we want to regulate the temperature for what we want the room to be.
  • Dehumidification function: helps to reduce the humidity in the environment so you get fewer viruses and bacteria.

Is it worth buying a portable air conditioner?

portable air conditioning with heat pump

Although buying a portable air conditioner with a heat pump can cost between 20% and 30% of conventional ones, is a great buying option. You can buy two functionalities in a single device. In addition, it helps you save up to 50% on your electricity bill. And is that this air conditioner only absorbs the cold air and expels it again. It does not have to generate cold like a conventional air conditioner.

Conventional stoves have to generate heat and absorb more power. This ultimately affects the price of the electricity bill. It should be taken into account when buying that the heat pump has a limit on the temperature outside the house. If the outside air is too cold, it will not be able to heat the inside. At temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees there is no problem. However, if the temperature drops below -5 degrees it can present some problems to be in the warmth of the outside air.

In contrast to conventional stoves, this appliance only absorbs the heat that exists outside the home. If the temperature outside is too low, it will be more difficult to extract the heat and transport it inside. This is where we must emphasize the previous point mentioned. The climate of the area where we live is essential to choose the model of portable air conditioner with heat pump that we need. In those areas with hotter summers we will need a device with a higher cooling power. On the contrary, in those places with colder winters, a device with a higher heat output will be required.

Hopefully with this information you can decide which type of portable heat pump air conditioner is right for you.

If you've come this far, it's because you're still not sure how much you want to spend. How much do you want to spend?


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